It is essential that our clients consider our services to be good value. All fees are quoted before the commencement of services, allowing the client to decide whether they wish to proceed without pressure or obligation.

In the majority of circumstances, a fixed fee is agreed for initial analysis, reporting and the completion of transactions. This fee is paid upon completion of the work.

If we provide ongoing Financial Planning services, including the management of invested assets, we are remunerated in a manner that best suits our clients, typically;

  • A percentage of the assets that we manage.


  • An annual fee.

Our clients are free to end ongoing services at any time, without cost or delay.

The fee rate, whether a percentage or monetary amount, is determined and quoted relative to the complexity and time spent to provide the agreed services.

The acceptance or initial services and ongoing services are considered in isolation. Upon the completion of initial services there is no commitment to accept ongoing services if they are not desired.